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Who Can do this on Sabbath day. See what a lady wore to Church on today.

Who Can do this on Sabbath day. See what a lady wore to Church on today.

Nowadays, it seems like we are nearing the end days as Prophets have been saying. The Lady you are seeing in the picture above went to church today Saturday, The Bible made it clear to as that on the seventh day which is Saturday, man must rest, pray and fast.

But This lady claim seems to be ignorant of the Bible to the extent that, she wore this type of clothes to the Church in the midst of the Pastor, elders and even her own colleges.

Since her dressing was shocking, many were those who said bad things against her for instance, a lady sitting beside me said 'how on Earth should a woman born of a woman be so blind of the Christian Region?.

Another person also said 'she thought she has money, so the world is hers, when the challenges come into play, she will know what to do and what not to do'.

I can't continue coating all for the sake of time. But the question from me to you is, if you were the one, what would you also have said about the dress code of this lady?

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