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Stop Telling Us What Your Pastor Said When You Come To The Hospital For Treatment - Nurse Warns

Stop Telling Us What Your Pastor Said When You Come To The Hospital For Treatment - Nurse Warns.

The introduction of spiritual issues kills every iota of common sense and opens the door for gullibility on the African brain.

Spirituality is very instrumental in our lives but we must accept that the over indulgence in spiritual affairs can simply blind us from things that require common sense.

As the popular saying goes; "Don't use prayers where common sense is required."

A professional nurse cautioned Ghanaians to shun telling the nurses and medical professionals what their pastors said and allow them to effectively execute the medical services.

According to the Nurse who goes by the name Nana Yaa Ntiriwaa, patients at the various Ghanaian hospitals are becoming fond of telling medical staffers how to do their work based on some directives they got from their pastors instead of simply allowing them to do the job they were trained to do.

She reiterated that even the pastors themselves listen to the medical staffers and professionals when they (pastors) visit the hospitals or medical centers for medical treatments.

As ecclesiastics scripture in the Bible teaches us, "there is time for everything" and as a result, we deduce that there is a place for everything hence, we must accept that the authority at the hospital is the medical staffers and the authority at the Church is God and your pastor.

The Nurse, Nana Yaa Ntiriwaa wrote on her Facebook timeline; "It's time you people stop this " my pastor said this, my pastor said that" when you come to the hospital. Your pastors do exactly what we tell them when they come for treatment."

They can pray for you and visit you but can't tell the medical professionals how to treat you or heal you. If they can, don't go to the hospital then. 

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