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Reasons Why There Are No Seats For Worshippers In The Mosque

According to Islamaqa magazine, different religions have different practices around the world. In most places of worship, worshippers are always provided with benches or chairs, however, this is not the case in Mosques.

Muslims, like other religions, has numerous rites that they perform throughout a worship service. During most Christian worship sessions, people are required to sit on benches or chairs. On the other hand, Islamic services include activities that do not necessitate the use of seats.

Those who have visited mosques, including Muslims, will tell you that there are no seats or chairs in them. But, why does this happen when most places of worship have chairs that are properly organized for their worshippers? This is due to the various forms of worship that Muslims conduct.

The movements in a Mosque during a worship session do not allow for the use of chairs or even benches. Muslims "sujood," or lie prostrate, when prayer, making it difficult to sit in a chair. Worshipers will need to sujood at different times, which is why visitors to a mosque for the first time may be shocked by the lack of chairs.

During worship, Muslims prostrate, bow, and kneel. It will be difficult to do this between the chairs. One of the Islamic tenets is that they sit on the floor cross-legged. Because this practice prevents the placement of chairs, mosques only have beautiful carpets on the floor for worshippers.

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