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A Catholic Priest Surprises People by Taking the Law in his Hands and Did This on Camera

The church plays a big role in teaching the law. Gospel ministers should be on the front line in advocating for its enforcement.

When a catholic priest was caught on camera performing the unthinkable, many were taken surprised. Nobody could expect a religious priest to take up the law. He caught suspected thieves. He parked his car and proceeded to beat up on the young boys. Some expected him to step in and call the police to deal with the misbehaving guys.

The man of God defended himself by claiming that some sins do not necessitate prayer. Physical force is the only way to drive out some spirits.

On Facebook, other individuals agreed with him. Even the Bible warns that if you don't use the rod, you risk ruining your child. Others were quick to condemn the behavior, claiming he should be detained.

Do you believe the reverend should be called to account for his actions?

Although they have learned that theft is wrong. Stealing has serious consequences because it hurts everyone

 Stealing causes a big problem for a family when the thief is caught People don't feel as safe when they're worried about someone stealing. Stealing can even lead to violence and untimely death, say no to stealing.

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