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Men Do Not Fear God Anymore: Boyfriend Captured Smooching The Back Of His Girlfriend At Church.

Given the vile sins that have engulfed the earth's surface, there is no doubt that we are nearing the end of days. Men have no shame or fear because the Bible predicts that these events will occur before the end of the world. Earthly understanding is gradually entering the church of God, according to my observations.

Some people are composing gospel music in the shape of raps these days, thinking that they are worshiping God with their music, but the truth is that it is the devil's goal to infiltrate the masses' minds and gradually accept these types of music in churches. Dance moves such as amanda, azonto, and others are freely performed in churches.Dance moves such as amanda, azonto, and others are being performed in churches without anybody objecting since they believe it is normal.

While the pastor was busy ministering, a fellow church member caught a short video of a guy who couldn't control his sexual feelings smooching the back of a lady who is likely to be his girlfriend. In the presence of God, the lady was indifferent about what the boy was doing to her.

Men no longer fear God, so it's no surprise that things like this are occurring in our churches.

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