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Are Christians confused about their religion?

Africans are made to believe that if you don't follow christ you will never make it to heaven but my problem has to do with those who know nothing about either religion or civilization. Thinking about those leaving on the boundaries of the amazon rain forest, are they waiting for hell gate or only the end will justify?, For not worshiping christ.

The conglegation have their personal problems but who are you to explore at the Altar (why do the church always tells us to give more to christ and the church for our problems to be solve? Forgetting that the members to deserve better..)

If pictures we hv been seeing in "Jehovah withnes" books and flyers depicts the real heaven, then Tempted to believe that, heaven will not accept poverty.

As the Bible says

"whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."mathew 16:19.

Compelling the ancient life to that of today is either we are confused or brainwashed by religion and believe..

Before christ people were getting married,

Before christ people were rich, people were building houses, sickness, devorce, disaster etc...

One of the reasons christ came was to rescue but above mentioned are still pending,

why do church leaders tells us to give something to the church before you can leave a better life.

Are Christians been illiterate to understand their religion for their leaders to convince them to snatch what they have acquired?..

To be continue...

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