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Quotations In The Bible Witches Don't Want To Hear- Illuminati Girl Reveals

Ex Illuminati Girl confirmed that there are some quotations in the Bible witches don't want to hear.

She continued by saying when these quotations are said with prayers it destroys all the plan of the witches, Demons or the Illuminati's. She also said these quotations contain the fire of God and should be said seven times when praying.

The first quotation is Psalm 23. A lot of Christians are very familiar with this quotation, and Shantel the ex Illuminati Girl Reveals that this quotation when said 7 times with prayers it sends fire to the under world.

The Second one is Psalm 27. A lot of people are not all that familiar with this kind of quotation, Shantel continued by saying it is a secret quotation that is also very powerful that witches don't want to hear because it sends fire unto them and destroys their plans too.

The other one is Psalm 91. She said this is also very powerful and should be said seven times when praying.

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Illuminati Shantel


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