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Read What Happened To This Girl On A Bike During Eid-al-Fitr Day That Gets People Talking

 The video of the woman boarding her bike while wearing an Abaya dress(long gown dress) is something people should learn.

During Ramadan, the favorite dress style for Muslim women is the Abaya dress, which you will certainly see a lot in this costume, as yesterday was Sallah.

This is a very beautiful dress, however, people need to always study the clothes they wear so that they know how to shake it.

 The woman in the video boarded a bike and put on Abaya's clothes,which unfortunately got stuck on the steering wheel of the bike.

This is a very dangerous thing that can lead to serious consequences,but, thankfully, the lady is lucky not to have suffered much damage,she has only minor injuries to the head.

 If she does a good study of this skirt and its materials, then she will surely know that as long as she wears such a loose skirt, they should be folded so as not to get stuck.

A lot of people can be seen in the video, trying to help the poor girl.

 They try to gently move it away so that the clothes are not damaged,but they can not do it. The lady had been in the same position for a long time and had felt pain, so they eventually ripped the clothes and let the lady loose.

 Let's learn to study the clothes we wear. Probably not only this is the case.

If it was another speeding car and her clothes were stuck, it would have done her a lot of damage. Therefore, be very careful when wearing such clothes.

 It may also not be an Abaya dress,it may be something else. Most of the clothing materials we wear have ups and downs, so let us know what we're doing with them.

 See how people react to the videobelow.

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Abaya Muslim Ramadan Sallah


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