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Satan is Using You But You Don’t Know If You Are Doing These Three Things

Everyone faces some challenges or struggles in life. Sometimes we tend to blame our friends, relatives or family members, and it may be that the devil is trying to disappoint us.

If you keep feeling defeated and desperately trying to make things work, this may be a sign that the enemy is chasing you. Here are three signs that can let you know that the enemy is behind you;

1. Combat feelings of depression

It is normal to feel frustrated, but after trying all the methods, you may feel frustrated. This feeling is a sign of spiritual warfare. If you feel depressed, remember that God is not with you yet.

2. Having a divisive mood

If you notice yourself being against the majority of life's difficulties that are in line with your Christian life, this is an indication the enemy is manipulating you. These feelings could include jealousy, envy, or hatred. This is a sign that you don't wish others well, which is where the devil thrives.

3. Lying

If you are always lying, then the devil is using you to weaken your own life and the lives of others. This will make you feel guilty when the truth is revealed. Try a lot, because you can avoid lying and getting into other situations.

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