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3 Things people accused Prophet Muhammad of doing but he never did

On the list of the greatest men in the history of the world, the holy prophet Muhammad is said to be the greatest of them. The author of the book gave his name to the world's most influential character ever known. This is evident in his relevance to the worldwide growth of peace and the movement of Islam.

As they hold some grudges against him that are never real, most people did not find this list fun. Most of the time, these grudges have led to war and conflicts in many parts of the world, and it is very important to consider and prevent them. Without insults and rewards, it is very important to tolerate one another. Below are some of the things that are not accurate that the prophet is accused of.

1.Forceful conversion of people into his religion: it is not true that during his lifetime the prophet did any of those things. Instead, he made it known to us that confidence is not by intimidation.

2. His and Aisha's marriage: the notion of marriage was confused by many people and the marriage was consummated before her adulthood. It's never been real. The marriage, before Aisha came of age, was more nominal. She was never coerced, and in Arabian literature, their love story is known all over.

3. Killing of innocent:Many people assume that innocent people were murdered by the Prophet Muhammad, but it is not true. He made it prohibited for individuals to even cut trees during war without intent. How can anyone who loves the lives of trees disrespect human life? It is not feasible. He said that the one who killed a single human being killed a millennium. During the wars, he warned his comrades to never strike first, but instead to attack when the enemies were against them.

4. Take the wives of his rivals as his own: this is a glaring lie. Marriages between the Holy Prophet Muhammad and several of his other wives is just like a commandment. Just like in politics, harmony is bread for certain marriages. 5. Quran: The prophet was never the writer of the Quran. He was just a messenger, and Angel Gabriel taught him to do so.

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