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Pray This Prophetic Prayer Before You Will Go To Work.

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Prayer is the communication between man and his maker, Jesus said, we should every day so that we will not fall into temptations. I believe in prayer as well and this prophetic prayer will make your life become successful if you prayed with faith.

Let's pray

1. Pray and give God a thanksgiving, for His love and Protections against you and your family.

2. Pray for the Lord to forgive you all your sins in Jesus name.

3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and strengthening you and revive your soul this morning in Jesus name.

4. Pray to destroy the plans of the devil, any Spiritual attack against you and your family should be catch by the holy ghost fire in Jesus name.

5. Pray to God to protect your soul from the hands of the wicked ones, and commit your families soul as well in Jesus mighty name Amen!

5. Pray to God to give you a financial freedom, my Father my father, I pray that may my soul be set free from financial sufferings in Jesus mighty name. I will be rich and will not suffer again in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

6. Pray to God for open doors. MY father, I pray that may any closed doors in my should be open by your thunder in Jesus name amen!

7. Pray to God for his blessings upon your life. Pray the His mercies will ensure forever and ever Amen.

8. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, cover your family and your work into the blood of Jesus .Amen!

Say this words after me

" Father, I bless you for what you have done for me, I Pray that, I shall not be poor in Jesus name. Open financial doors for me, help me to come against my debt and help me to become more successful. Lord Jesus, help to get my heart desires and lift up my work for to glorified your name in Jesus mighty name. Thank you for listening to my prayers In Jesus mighty name I prayed Amen.!

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