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Job In The Bible Never Gave Tithes, That Was Why His Blessings Was Not Secured - Bishop Oyedepo

The founder and chief overseer of the Church of the Living Faith worldwide, Bishop David Oydepo, spoke about the benefits of tithing the Lord's members.

He revealed that when he started the church, his income was only N300 at the time.

He advises his followers to have a clear income. He said 300 naira is only available at their rate as they are not allowed to exceed 30% of their income as overhead costs. So it dictates what you can use.

He said that someone came to him and told him that God asked him (bishop) to buy him a car, and he asked the man to tell God that he had not heard anything. He says that if you throw and drop the car, no car can get out. He says;

"I've never been forcibly seeded in my life. You can talk for 50 minutes, it doesn't matter because I'm a well-planned person," he said.

He went on to explain that God showed him from Hebrews 7:1-4 on September 4, 1984, when Abraham was tithing to Melchizedek, king of Salem. He said the King of Salem was the image of Jesus, without a father, without a mother, without a worthy one. This is the Jesus who appears in the Old Testament. He then revealed that tithing brings God's blessing into your life. When God opens heaven's door, no window can close it.

Bishop Oydepo revealed that God had told him that in the same way that he had opened heaven to individual lives, he had opened heaven to businesses, businesses and churches.

He said he was immediately overcome with joy and excitement upon hearing this. "I know the day the sky will open over this commission," he said. According to him, nothing in the Bible mentions Job anywhere, so his blessing is not guaranteed. “He was too intent on giving to the poor and God was determined to bless him, but there was no safety.

The priest reveals that he is one of the devil's biggest problems, and if he doesn't secure his life, the devil will destroy him. "He couldn't relate to me because he served a covenant-keeping God," he said.

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