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Is He God's Deputy? See What This Pastor Was Caught doing inside The Church That's Causing Reactions

Many people do things that is somehow ridiculous especially those who are regarded as pastors themselves, whether they're called by God you will come into question. We read strongly where certain pastors order their flock to consume hay, carry cane, machetes to the church to flog their "imaginative" enemies. Some require exorbitant quality materials only for distribution, only God knows his own at this stage.

Maryconstance Agolu posted this post on Facebook. In the image, a pastor was seen, at the moment of writing his name and his church were unknown. On a stack of façades he was seen standing, the pastor found with these ungodly façemasks according to her.

This pastor did not stand out to challenge healthcare workers or help to curb the spread of healing when COVID-19 was still very active that people were locked down. Now that we praise God that it has steps down, churches are still free and the only thing he will do is sell anointed Facemask? I just don't understand him at all.

Atleast, Covid-19 opened our eyes not to let any of the pastors deceive us anymore, but to God alone knows what nobody knows. Your blessing or cure comes from no shepherd but God as long as you continue to trust in him and to trust in him, at that appointed time he will correct everything in your life.

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