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Behind the Scene of Jesus, See the Character Jesus and how the film was made

Film is a very powerful tool used to tell stories and history. Movies has played a major role in Religion and other aspects of life. The Jesus film movie has been watched by many Christians all over the world. And Growing up we even thought it was real but we have now come to realize that it was just a movie.

See pictures of how this Movie was made.

Meet Robert Powell, The actor who played the Role in Jesus in the film version ‘Passion of Christ’. There are many versions of the Jesus film but among the many, his is very popular and his picture is being used as Jesus Christ. Some years ago he came out to declare that, he is an actor and only played a character in a movie so people should stop worshiping his image, and seeing him as Jesus Christ.

The man is not Jesus Christ, he is just a human being just like you and I, he is a mere actor so Christians should know the difference.

This a picture of him and how he looks now.

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