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The need to glorify God if you are still alive

You are lucky to be alive. Not many people were lucky last night. Their world ended but yours continues. When is yours ending? When is mine ending? None of us knows! We think we are smart enough to outwit death but those who are gone were smarter, more knowledgeable, more God-loving and more beautiful than us but Allah took them away. 

What would you be doing at the point of death? 

May God take us away when He is pleased with our work. 

Many of us have plans beyond today and we have detailed life-plans that mostly center on worldly things but not the purpose of our creation, which is to worship God. 

Calculate the time we spent on social media engaging in political debates but God has no share in our time on this global platform. It is time to plan our lives and allow God to take a dominant space.

#Let's think of God the creator

#Let's think of death

The worldly and sensual pleasures are not but mirages.

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