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Promises Of Miracles Attract Millions Of Ghanaians To Churches - Big Akwes

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Akwesi Asamoah or Big Akwes is a Kumasi-based actor and TV presenter on Today’s Tv. He is a satirical kind of presenter who takes issues and looks at the lighter side.

He is also very well known for making serious claims on TV. Some of such claims are dangerous and baseless which he is sometimes unable to defend or substantiate.

Big Akwes who is currently one of the uprising controversial social media commentator has make a very shocking revelation about Ghanaian churches and this according to him is the promises of miracles that attract millions of Ghanaians to churches and besides that nothing like salvation .

The controversial man indeed as he affectionately called himself further went on to say that about ninety nine percent of churches in Ghana appeal to traditional beliefs in miracle cures as charismatic preachers use electronic media to spread their so called powerful message to millions of poor Ghanaians and fill church coffers with donations.

He continue to say that Accra which is the capital of Ghana is not just one of Africa’s most prosperous and populous cities but it is also the seat of the continent’s fastest growing Christian missions and false prophets.

Big Akwes further expose that One of the main features of this kind of church is the use of broadcast, print and the Internet in spreading its message, for Ghanaians always believe in what so ever they see on television.

Another is the practice of incorporating elements of traditional African culture, such as upbeat music, loud sermons, and above all, reinforcing deeply held beliefs in witchcraft and demons. The satirical man added with confidence.

Every Sunday while others are busily thinking of what to eat and survive, you will see hundreds of thousands of followers seek spiritual enlightenment with the aim of seeing miracles and solving their problems but end up disappointed and hopeless. The faithful storm the big and small churches throughout the city. Hmmm he said with emotions.

He state categorically that one of the dangerous key they use to appeals and deceive church followers is the promise of cures from poverty and diseases through God’s blessing. But my multi dollar question is how can you be rich without working ? He questioned.

There are so many people who could have had bigger and better lives, but they could not achieve their destiny, because there was no one to lead them with a vision," the self-declared controversial man said”.

"Ghanaians believe in miracles and witchcraft too much and that is the kind pastors and churches we are getting today “. He concluded.

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