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You are someone’s Miracle.

As a believer, God wants to do His work on the earth through you. You are His ambassador or representative. You have been given His authority and power. It’s easy to get focused on this natural realm and all the things that we need, but do you realize that you are equipped to be somebody else’s miracle?

Every single day, we have opportunities to show God’s love and compassion to others. We can meet their needs, bring them healing, and offer hope and encouragement. Every day, we can sow good seed into the lives of others that will reap an eternal harvest.

Today, look for ways to be a blessing to someone else. When you step out and pour into others, God will make sure that others pour into you. Let’s continue to work together to bring Him glory and build His kingdom on earth!

Never find yourself a burden unto others. You are the key to someone’s special needs. Therefore keep thriving and help others achieve their visions, ambitions and dreams.

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