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The Queen of the Sea came into my room on earth because I cut the wigs on my head that night (URL)

This is Sister Rye of Ivory Coast's story:

My dear, I went home that day after having a new wig made for my head. I was tired after doing a lot of housework, so I prayed before going to bed, and then I fell asleep. My dear, when you live a sanctified life, the enemy will devise an infinite number of strategies to bring you down, and if you are not vigilant, you will open the door for him to enter your life legally.

Without even realizing it, God's children are opening doors. When I went to Hell, the Lord told me, "The devil gets you because of little things you overlook, and I can condemn your soul because of little things you overlook if you are not vigilant." I was sleeping soundly in the night the night I got that wig on my head. At 2 a.m., I began to hear what sounded like whistling.

These were actually snake sounds. This snake whistling sounded like a song. I stood up and turned on the light. I quickly noticed that my wig was untied, despite the fact that it was still on my head. I was curious as to who had removed the wig that was tied to my hair.

My room was closed, which was a surprise. “Perhaps the hairdresser didn't do this wig tightly enough,” I reasoned. Nonetheless, I remembered complaining in the saloon that she was doing it too tight. As soon as I went back to sleep, I heard snakes whistling again. When I awoke, I was convinced it was demonic. Something was wrong.

Then I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. And I prayed in my heart, "Please, Lord, show me what is going on in my bedroom." When the Lord opened my eyes and I saw my head, I was lying down. It was surreal because the natural hair I was wearing had turned into snakes.

These snakes had raised their heads as well. They were whistling and crawling across a portion of my face and chest. I screamed in terror, "In the name of Jesus Christ!" I was trembling and running down the corridor, waking everyone in the house. “Please take knives and cut my hair, please,” I said to my people.

And I felt like they were reaching into my flesh when they were cutting this wig. I refused to tell them my wig was made of serpents because they kept asking what was wrong. I was about to toss this wig away. I decided to do it in the morning because it was late at night. I put the wig on the corner of my bedroom wall and went back to sleep.

When I was sleeping, I began to notice vibrations that sounded like wind. It was beyond belief when I opened my eyes and turned on the lamp to see the queen of the sea. And it wasn't a vision; I saw her in my room, face to face. She entered my room through the wall where the wig was hung.

I noticed that her hair was falling down and extending beyond the wall, but I couldn't tell where it ended. Instead of throwing away the wig I kept in my room, she used it as a doorway into my room. This sea lady possessed demonic beauty. Her beauty was unlike anything I'd ever seen on the planet. I saw demons enter my room through the wall and join her right away.

“Who are you?” I inquired of this female sea devil. And what exactly are you doing here?” “I am the siren of the sea,” she replied. I've come because you murdered my children.” "How did I kill your children?" I asked. You shouldn't be here because I've never made a deal with you. And I don't visit beaches.”

"You shut up," she said. You claim you did not murder my children. Take a look over there. Look at what you've done.” When I looked in the direction she was pointing, I saw a demon take my wig and spread it out. This is not the conclusion of the story. The continuation can be found on my wall. Please follow my page by clicking on the + Follow button. Share the post as well.

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