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Let Ghanaians Understand That It's Savings And Loans You Are Doing Not Church- Don Little To Agradaa

The church is becoming on of the place every individual who wants to make it in life comes to setup a branch and just take the money of people just for Thier well being. People are asking what the christian counsel are doing about it? The issue of Nana Agradaa setting up a church was a mistake which was said my so many people in the country but this wasn't listened too and today she keeps on showing her colors.

Don- little has spoken about the issue of her taking so amount of money from church members in other for her to help them in times of need. Don Little has revealed a very deep secret about that aspect of her ministry, and it's a must read and watch. Don Little has brought it to the notice of everyone that it's the same formula she used in the shrine she is using in the house of God.

How and what does Don Little mean, he went further to say that, " the sika gari" Nana Agradaa used to do in the shrine now be modified as money church members have to pay for them to be helped. So Don Little said, if she gets about 10-15 people paying that Ghc300 then she invested with that money, and by the time you come to her for support she would have again her profit on your money then give you any amount to help you, whiles she keeps the bigger size.

He also said there has been some sayings that Nana Agradaa use to share food stuffs in church now a days, Don Little said it's all parts of the plan to make people trust her and give her the money she needs for her investment. So She wants Nana Agradaa now called Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng to come out and clearify it to the public.

In the comments section of the interview was lots of Comments, coming in form most of the people, telling Don Little to step down cause this woman she is attacking does fear and will reply him and this can even start a beef. Checkout some of the comments.

Kindly drop off your comments in the comments section below let discuss about it.

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