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Dr. Matthew Prempeh and Nana B Attend This Wealthy Church.

I chanced on, several pictures from the respected Makers House Church Int. shared on their Facebook page that, the likes of Dr. Matthew Prempeh, Lawyer Nana B and Shirley Akuffo, are just a few of the big wigs, who boast of been members of this fast rising church.

The body of Christ is in its prime age and despite its challenges in a world that seems not to be so much a fun of it, it is undoubtedly also thriving. This is so because, people have real issues that bothers on spiritual, physical and all sorts of needs, that needs answers and for these churches, they offer those much-needed answers.

It is therefore not surprising these days, to see respected and well-educated people of society, belonging to the upper and even middle class, easily associating with the church and its meetings.

Nana B, in a pose with his Pastor, Dr. Nyamekye, after a Sunday service.

It is therefore not surprising to me, when my research into one of the fast rising and well financially endowed churches in the country revealed that, unlike a few others, that boasts of one top government official or a businessman, who would usually also double as a top financier of the church, this church actually boasts of several others more.

Let us just zoom into the details of this investigation, just so, I don’t overly whet your appetite. The church, which is fast making impact is the Makers House Chapel Int. is headed by a young man of God, named Dr. Nyamekye, who walks in an exceptionally gifted prophetic and teaching ministry and is attractive to millennials and an upper and middle class families, dotted around the capital city of Accra.

These men, who are definitely well endowed with wealth and relevant connections, will definitely be a huge blessing to both the church and members, as one can assume that, aside helping the church finance its huge projects, poor members may be connected to jobs and other opportunities.

Most especially in our part of the world, when many churches take years to complete just one project or building to be specific, these “chickens who lay the golden eggs” are certainly a blessing.

Nana B with Dr. Matthew Prempeh. All PICS from Facebook

It is worth noting that, the church boast if extreme wealth, most especially when it literally abandoned its first and beautiful church, just to move into its latest even mega church building, which was completed in a record one-year period.

The Makers House Chapel Int. is definitely one to watch out for, as thanks to the vision of Dr. Nyamekye and the crop of these big shots who are very supportive obviously, one can only imagine the highs and glories, they are set to achieve, as it sets out to scale up its impact.

Napo with Nana B and Dr. Nyamekye.

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Makers House Church Matthew Prempeh Nana B Shirley Akuffo


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