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Angry Youth Close Down Lighthouse Chapel International, Bantama Branch In Kumasi

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Some group of angry youth have taken it upon themselves to close down the Bantama branch of the Lighthouse Chapel International. This comes after the Founder and Leader of Lighthouse Chapel International was allegedly heard in a viral video making some statements about the Asantehene, His Royal Majesty Osei Tutu II. In the audio, the man of God was heard criticizing the Asantehene and this didn't not seem to have gone down well with most of the people who cherish the king and hold him in high esteem.

Not long ago, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills through a letter rendered an unqualified apology to the Asante king for the statements he made in the viral video. He further acknowledged various developmental projects undertaken by the king during his reign.

Unfortunately, the apology was not accepted by the group and thus gave the Man of God a 48-hour ultimatum to make things rights [seek wise counsel]. It seems the timeframe handed to the Man of God has ran out and thus causing the youth to take matters into their own hands to close down the Bantama branch of the Lighthouse Chapel International in Kumasi.

It seems this is the beginning of many to come but there are right ways this could be settled and not by using such approach as used by the youth. The man of God has already shown remorse for his actions even though he said the statements heard in the video was made barely two decades ago. What else is needed to be done by the man of God? In times of anger things might be done and such things might later leave us been regretful so I think the youth should handle the matter in another way other than the step it has taken upon themselves.

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