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How To Activate The Holy Names of God In Other To Work Effectively

No power can withstand the exceptional strength of God's Holy Names, and they are extremely effective. Almighty God is infallible, but man is fallible, so one must understand how to activate His Holy Names in order to use them effectively.

We must constantly remind ourselves of who God is in times of uncertainty, discouragement, and despair. What better way to accomplish this than by calling upon the sacred names of God in supplication? The biblical names for God reflect his very nature and personality.

The Holy Names of God must be activated in order for you to benefit from them, and you can do this by making the spiritual preparations listed below.

1. Spiritual Bath

Collect rock salt, spring or rainwater, and an unused bucket. When you get up at five in the morning, salt the water, take it to the bathroom, and then wash yourself without soap or a sponge. Additionally, after the spiritual bath, no towel is to be used.

2. Fasting and Prayer

Begin a three-day fast from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Only eat fruits to break your fast each evening until you have completed the three days.

3. Incense and Anointing oil 

Find a quiet, decent location where you can pray to the Almighty God. If you'd prefer, you can use incense with a sweet flavor. Every day until your fast is over, anoint your face, hands, and feet.

4. Activation of God's Holy Names 

On the last day, say, "I activate these Holy Names of God in the name of the Son and by the power of the Holy Ghost." Glory to your Holy Names and grant me the ability to use them more effectively, Amen and Amen

Your activation is complete. The names of God make clear to us what God is like at his core.

A strong lifeline to God is prayer. We can trust and have faith that God hears us when we pray in his name during trying times. We can still communicate with the Lord through prayer even when we are having peaceful and joyful moments.

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Spiritual Bath


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