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Remember Beautiful Actress Who Left Social Life to Become a Pastor? See What Her Life Has Turned to

Change is the only constant thing in life, as the world changes every day and so do people. At one point in life we make decisions, but our decision should be based on what we believe in and not what people have made us to believe. If we analyse everything we go through on a daily basis, we would realise that making adjustments in our life is very necessary because it will allow us to make progress in our lives.

It is rare to see actresses or models abandoning their career to what people call a boring life without any social activities. Although, there are born-again Christians among some actresses, but the majority of them changed their lifestyle to that of a born-again Christian later in their career. A lot of people have summoned courage to live behind their flashy lifestyle to become a true servant of God.

When she was an actress and living a social lifestyle:

This is the case of Phindile Gwala Ngandu, who is a South African actress. She is a beautiful actress known for her starring roles in movies, she is well-known and well-appreciated among movie lovers. Phindile shocked many people after she declared herself a born-again Christian, and she reportedly left behind her career as an actress. Phindile is 34-years-old, she played the role of Nonny Nkosi in the popular reality TV series known as Soap Opera.

She acted in the Soap Opera series for 5 good years before she decided to focus on her ambition to be a pastor back in 2017. It was a big risk for her to have left a blossoming career to be a pastor, but God is always in control of every situation. Her risk paid off after she quit acting, she started living a new life with so much to desire.

After she became a pastor and changed her mode of dressing:

Since Phindile Gwala Ndangu is now an ordained pastor, she has changed her flashy mode of dressing to that of a decent-looking woman. She claimed that God had called her to preach the gospel to the world, and she had no choice than to accept the call of duty from the Lord. Her life is going on smoothly without any problem whatsoever, she enjoys her every day activities while she continues to spread the world of God to the public.

Do you think it's wise for her to dump her acting career to become a pastor? Your opinion is important to us.

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