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I sent these three things to a certain Powerful Christian woman to weaken her Prayer life (URL)

This is a confession of a former sorcerer but now in Christ, Felicien M1ulopwe:

Once this mission had been accomplished, I went back to Congo where I visited the devil at the hotel. He had a rich man's shape. He greeted me and complimented me. With great promises and great rewards he gave me three more missions.

In Germany where I had failed, he asked me to attack the church. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, he asked me to fight the revival churches. I knew that it was a mission impossible, for the devil himself with his angels tried, but without success, to fight this Church in Germany.

The devil knew that I had a sign from God on my head and so, in the hope that God would reject me forever, he sent me to destroy the churches. I saw one woman passing by and she was carrying a child one day when I was walking in the town.

I noticed that on his forehead the child had a light glowing. I knew that it was God's sign. By grabbing his spirit in my astral hand I tried to destroy that child, but I realized that the harder I tried to take the soul of that child, the more powerless and weaker I became.

I felt humiliated, it was strange. The devil appeared to my place after this experience and he was angry. He said, "Why have you been trying to kill that child?" He said, "You have to move to another house." I finally left home and moved to a new district, but I enjoyed another difficulty.

I had a Christian neighbor who blocked me by his prayers. To extinguish his fire that hurt and blocked me, I decided to send him a power of seduction, fornication, and spiritual weakness. He later became an alcoholic and started to sleep with men. As his power decreased, I became comfortable.

In her narration, she indicated how the forces of darkness are always in contention with the forces of Light due to the enmity that exists between these two states. She encouraged Christians not to be ignorant of the devil's devices, rightly as the Bible has said. Share it for others to read if this story has encouraged you. For further updates, please click the + Follow button on my page.

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