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God is a jealous God:- The Indians are dying most of the Coronavirus because they worship idols [Opinion]

God is a supreme and powerful being whose power cannot be compared to any other power. God is a jealous God, it is even stated in the Bible, in the ten commandments that do not worship any other God except me because I your God is a jealous God. And we all know the punishment for going contrary to God's words. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

India is a country who worship idols. The people in India are referred to as Indian(s). Indian for the individual and Indians for the plural. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the loss of many lives and is now on India, it has even been recorded that it kills over 4,500 people a day.

Some people think to protect yourself is only by obeying the safety measures taken but no, it's God's favor and love over us. God is the one protecting us either than that, the virus would have killed us all, you can imagine?

Now what do you think an idol is? An idol is something that you value more than God. Your phone or your partner can be your idol if you value that than God. Making in yourself any image and worshipping is also termed as idolatry.

In the Bible, (in the Israelites time), anyone who commits idolatry or the person who led someone to that is put to death.

So, the Indians are dying greatly of the Coronavirus because they don't worship God but rather idols. God is very powerful and jealous, so my fellow humans please beware.

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