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We Don't Need The Catholic Bishops To Highlight The Pervasive Corruption In This Country - Seworkpor

A communication team member of the NDC, Delali Seworkpor, has indicated that Ghanaians didn't need the Catholic Bishops Conference to highlight the pervasive corruption we are currently witnessing in this country under the leadership of the President Akufo Addo. According to him, almost everybody in this country knows the mess we are in as a country.

Delali Seworkpor made this statement on 'HOT NEWS' on Pan Africa television yesterday, 11th November 2021, when he reacted to the responses by the NPP to the statement of the Catholic Bishops Conference on corruption in Ghana.

According to Delali Seworkpor, he finds it a bit weird and ridiculous that anybody would create an impression that the Catholic Bishops Conference lacks focus and clarity relative to the issues that they've highlighted about this government.

Delali Seworkpor indicated that it is not a work of science that even those who are not politically uninitiated know for a fact that indeed the trajectory of this country under President Akufo Addo is nothing to write home about.

"We don't need the Catholic Bishops Conference to highlight the pervasive corruption that we are currently witnessing in this country. We don't need the Catholic Bishops Conference to remain Ghanaians the level of insecurity that has bedeviled this country."

He said that we don't even need the Catholic Bishops Conference to tell us the poor governance system that we are currently going through under President Akufo Addo and his Vice-president Dr. Mahamud Bawumia.

"Basically, what they highlighted is what is already known to the good people of this country. The only reason why it has become so topical that we are here this evening to discuss about it has to do with the stature and pedigree of this particular organisation the lamentation is coming from because if you ask most Ghanaians out there, they will be able to list all things that have been highlighted by the Catholic Bishops Conference."

Delali Seworkpor added that it is strange for any member of the NPP to have the audacity to make a counterclaim that the issue of corruption is not pervasive under this particular administration.

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