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Don’t misuse your power because you don’t know what might happen- Duncan Williams warns

Duncan Williams has sent out these words and a message as he warns against the misuse of power and authority. Authority and power are two different things and when these two are possessed by a person, it can either make this person or unmake him or her. This makes power very serious and dangerous.

Authority can always be delegated but power is something that no one can get rid of and is mostly not exhausted within a presumable time. Duncan Williams claims he has grown to see many great men fall and this is because they couldn’t control their powers and neither were they able to manage their authority.

Don’t misuse your powers because you don’t know what might happen tomorrow, the people you’re looking down on are the same people you were with at the bottom and will come and meet if the time is due- Archbishop Nick said.

Archbishop Nicholas claims possessing power can make a person change within a wink of an eye and this is a reason why power is not given to just anybody. Share your thoughts on this as well in the comment section.

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