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Beautiful Female Pastor And Her Members Arrested During Church Service, See What Happened

This is surely a sign that we are gradually coming to the end of time as we can see that it has become a usually thing for People to complain about thebsounds coming out from speakers of churches. Although some pastors like shouting while preaching but the major reason why people are against most pastor preaching is because they don't like hear the truth. If it were party, wedding or all social gatherings that involved the use of speakers, you hardly see people complain about the noise coming out of these speaker.

However, let us to look at the incident that was reported on Facebook by popular South Africa news media known as Flying News Update. And according to them a female pastor and her members were arrested by the police after the community had reported them to the police due to the disturbance coming out from her church speaker. And It was also reported that when the police arrived in the church vicinity, the church members attacked the police. Lastly, the pastor and many of her church members were arrested and taken to the police station. 

This is not the way to go as expected from both the community and the church should work together to make society better.

Here are people reaction to police arresting the female pastor and the church members 

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