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In our meetings, satan always reminded and instructed us to fight the true Christians Only

A former Satanist has described his first encounter with the devil and what happened after. In his testimony, he stated that Satan showed him a Bible. Because it has been tampered with, this Bible comes with their evil instructions. With their misleading theology that does not preach against sin, they were indeed fooling everyone who read and followed it.

He went on by saying that their liberal theology teaches that nothing is sinful, and many people have bought into this doctrine. Theirs is the theology of predestination for salvation. He said "We are deceiving them with the very Word of God; we are employing their own weapon, the Bible. A minor distortion of the Word alters the meaning of the message, and you will be an instrument of deception, bringing many here. I've hired book-theologians to spread lies and counterfeit Bibles to deceive people."

"Look to the left of the valley to see the imprisoned Christians," he said. It is quite easy to win the souls of Christians to hell in these later days. It was tough at the start of the church on Earth. The early Christians were wiser and more spiritual. They were really saints, but they gave me a lot of headaches. You must now return to Earth and complete your mission."

He claimed to have seen numerous Christian souls in hell and how Satan displayed his spoils. The demons do not fight for the souls of hypocritical Christians because their priority are the true Christians, and there is a prize in store for each demon who destroys a believer's light.

He went on. "Father, let me reign with you in hell so I can really do mission," I said to Satan. But then the devil said, "You cannot reign in this state, your flesh cannot endure eternally in hell to bear the strain of this place's environment." You are not yet in spirit; if you stay here for more than one day, your flesh will rot. Your body is not immortal, and your kingdom has not yet arrived. When you die, you will reign alongside me and sit on my throne."

Satan then gave him a hot iron with which to torment a soul. Even as they yelled in agony, he tormented their souls. The entire horror of hell infiltrated his heart, and he took immense pleasure in the torment. Then Satan spoke to him once again. "While you're here with me, you'll torture countless Christians who are imprisoned in this area."

The ultimate demon then returned him to Earth. He was strengthened simply because he had the opportunity to encounter Satan one-on-one. He then put his abilities to the test by asking the residents of the hamlet to bring a dead person because he wanted to restore their confidence in him by raising the dead.

The inhabitants of his community brought a man who had died the day before but had not yet been buried. When they brought his body, he formed a circle of fire and placed the corpse within it. Because he had observed the demons lifting the dead body aloft, he then performed a ritual that caused the dead body to float.

The sight of the body floating in the air astounded the onlookers. A legion of demons possessed the man's dead body and forced him to move without actual life. The crowd applauded, assuming the man had been resurrected. To the dismay of the bystanders, that lifeless corpse traveled nearly 20 meters before collapsing. The demons emerged from within that body, demonstrating that Satan is unable to revive and give life to the dead.

Jesus is life, and He holds the spirit of life in His hands. Only He has the power to bring someone back to life. I was disappointed because I wished to have the ability to give life.

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