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Modern Nations Emerging From Noah's Three Children and Their Descendants

In Biblical account we learn of how God wiped out life on earth with a great flood and only preserved the household of Noah and a pair of each animal. Beyond that deluge, Noah’s three sons of Japheth, Ham and Shem and their descendants founded great states and nations that exists till date. So what are these nations that they founded in modern times? Let us learn of them here.

Descendants of Japheth (Genesis 10:2-5)

a.     Gomer                                   -          Germany

b.    Magog, Tubal, and Mechech -          Russia

c.     Madai                                     -          Persia

d.    Javan                                     -          Greece

e.     Tiras                                       -          Italy

f.     Togarmah                             -          Armenia

g.    Tarshish                                -          Spain

h.    Kittim                                    -          Cyprus

Descendants of Ham (Genesis 10:6-20)

a.     Cush                                       -          Ethiopia

b.    Mizraim                                 -          Egypt

c.     Phut                                       -          Africa

d.    Canaan                                              -          Canaanites of Palestine

e.     Nimrod                                 -          Babylon and Assyria

f.     Sidon                                     -          Phoenicia

g.    Heth                                      -          Hittites

h.    Jebus                                     -         Jebusites, the occupants of Jerusalem prior to David

i.      Philistim                               -          Philistines

j.      Sin                                         -          Likely the oriental people: China, Japan, India etc.

Descendants of Shem (Genesis 10:21-32; 11:10-32)

a.     Through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob    -  Nation Israel

b.    Through Abraham, Ishmael and Esau -  The Middle East Arab countries.

In the words of Anthropologist Abraham Custance he notes, “And thus we conclude that from the family of Noah have sprung all the peoples of the world, prehistoric and historic.”

So these are the nations of the world today and where they have come from. Whose descendants are you? God bless you for reading.

Prince Eric Opare 

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