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Christians judge based on benefits.

Christians judge others, whether secular or religious, but thank God when the same act turns a help in their way. They praise Him for the success, while they engage in conscious sins to force the gain. Believers coverup acts which do not differ from our “nemeses” with pleasant names. Meanwhile, they form opinions about others as easily as water flow. Consider this popular Bible scenario.

Whenever Christians tell Abraham’s story, they disjoin certain parts to prevent a huge tussle. For a better view, let’s retake that section of the entire piece. According to Genesis chapter 12, Abraham lied about his relationship with Sarah, and the result was riches. People don’t make this connection anytime they read that section. This implies Abraham’s first blessing after God had called him was through a lie. 

Current examples are easy to find. Just look around your environment and you will pinpoint instances in our homes, schools, churches, etc. 

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