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Never bite the hands that once fed you.

Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.

Proverbs 17:13 KJV

Many were consecrated as Bishop's ,Ordained as Reverend's and Appointed as Pastor's by this trail blazer,Prophet Dag Heward Mills.

Why do you fight a man who accommodated you for 4years without paying a dime?

Why do you fight a man who took 90% of your school fees which were suppose to be paid in 1000's of dollars and still gave you stippened every month?

Why do you fight a man who gave you the platform to preach on his Altar and gave you the opportunity to study and have understanding of scriptures?

Why do you fight a man who exposed you to ministerial ethics?

Why do you fight a man who gave you the opportunity to meet other great ministers of God?

Why do you fight a man who taught you many things in ministry?

Why do you fight a man who trained you to be discipline,Pray for long hours,win souls, Administer and manage Church Finance and the growth of the Church?

Why do you fight a man who gave you a place to pastor a church?

We did not come into the ministry to enrich ourselves but to do the work of our master.

If the system is not in your favour please quietly leave and don't muddy the waters you once drunk's a system to become who you can become.

What about us who came in and left after 4years with no financial aid but Grace and Anointing?

Never destroy the faith of the simple by reason of your personal challenges with the ministerial system.

No matter how great I become I will never fight or speak ill of this great man of God who ordained me into Priesthood.

Why should I fight a father who laid hands on me?

Be careful what and who you fight. 

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Dag Heward Mills KJV


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