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END TIME IS NEAR: See What a Pastor is Doing to Somebody Else's Wife in Church That Got People Angry

After telling church members to strip off their wears, the African pastor came up with a big surprise and locked up mouth with a married church member in his church that has provoked the public. Today's pastors are fond of doing strange things all in the name of healing their members.

This woman, who is still somebody else's wife, was locked mouth in mouth openly in front of other congregations who during the incident raised their hands and praised God while the pastor continued he ungodly behaviour.

When the alleged shepherd opened her eyes, she was taken meant to calm by the fact that he held her close up in her lips. Doesn't their parishioners have any other blessing means instead of doing what God forbids with another person's wife?

However, it has become a practice nowadays for men of God to act as if they are been commanded by the devil. Are there no true men of God anymore? In the name of prayers, how can a pastor do something ungodly like this? These misdeeds should be condemned as the devil's actions and nothing more to qualify it.

Do you there are still real men of God in this world? your opinion is important to us

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