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Any woman who uses these things cannot Pray because we produce them from our camp - Former Witch

A lady from Angola has shared her testimony. She spent several years serving Satan and often gives her testimony to expose the deeds of the devil and encourage Christians sto be true ones. In her own words, as below is how she narrated her story.

My name is Rodrigues. Once at home, I told my mother that a friend was celebrating her birthday so she granted me the permission to attend the birthday party. Actually, I went and waited in front of the door of the school where we had an appointment. Then, at the appointed time, the man arrived with a broom. 

I was afraid at the beginning but he asked me to get on his broom. On it, the broom rose and dropped us in a cemetery. Once in the cemetery, the gentleman began to light candles and invoke spirits over a grave. Suddenly, a coffin with a corpse came out of a grave. I had sex with this corpse on that day. 

Then we left the cemetery and went to a house that was near the cemetery. There was a baby there, the gentleman killed the child and asked us to drink his blood. From then on, we became different, no longer ordinary human beings, and we had another spirit. We were now real witches and we were working with demonic spirits. 

When I returned home, the spirits asked me to give them 1500 souls. In fact, it is easy to give 1500 souls in one day with witchcraft. I managed to find these people in several ways in one day. Then i had to go to the sea with 10 eggs. I threw these eggs one by one into the sea, and then a queen came out. 

She spoke to us, "Are you ready?" "Yes, I am ready for anything that can happen.” Then she took me under the water where I was surprised to realize that there was a huge city under sea. When I returned onto the earth, I was wicked and could not put up with anyone. I was aggressive in the streets, in the neighborhood. 

In the world of darkness, my name Fernanda was not used. The demons said that the meaning of that name did not suit them so they called me Bruna. In the service of the queen, we had to win souls, neutralize and fight the prayer life of Christians.

We had loads of evil objects for women since all that has a link with fashion, like lipstick, current clothes, wigs, make-up, high heels, etc. 

Every woman who used these gifts or things we sold could not pray or concentrate in prayer. The person could even fast and pray a lot, but it did not go anywhere, for she had accepted a gift from the enemy that she voluntarily carried with her.

We also entered into several churches where we would identify the true workers of God. Since we could not reach them directly because of the Spirit of God, we would identify weak people in their group. For example, if there is somebody in their prayer group living in sin, we would act through that person.

We constantly looked for a fault to bring down the sons of God. We would send money to pastors, gifts after an inquiry about what they like. Once the pastor accepts one of our gifts, he automatically becomes someone else, he loses his anointing.

We could also act through his wife if the pastor had refused. And if his wife refused the gifts, we could enter through their children. We were constantly looking for doors through the weak to reach and bring down the stronger.

Apart from our actions as human agents, I saw demons going to churches that do not have the fire of God. There, they sit on the shoulders of the faithful ones in order to provoke drowsiness and laziness when listening to the sermon.

When there are children in the church, they would excite them so that they make noise so that He who preaches is no longer heard. 

I especially needed the blood of little children because spiritually it is fresh blood. We were more interested in newborn babies.

There are things difficult to explain but just for you to understand, a 2 months old baby here on earth in the spiritual world of darkness is about 15-20 years old. So they need very young children for sacrifices.

Throughout her testimony, she encouraged everyone not to be ignorant about the devils devices and propted how great it was to live a holy and righteous life because those who were not really devoted to Jesus Christ, already belonged to them in the realm of the spirit.

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