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Five Ghanaian Pastors Whose Opinions Are Highly Considered In Governance And Politics

Ghana as a secular country is also predominantly religious, hence the effect of religion in governance cannot overemphasized. Larger percentage of Ghanaians belong to Christianity, a religion founded on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world.

After it's introduction by our colonial masters, Christianity has been woven into the very fabric of our existence as Ghanians with forming almost 70% of the entire population.

With regards to this, it's imperative that we are guided, with those who serve as the gatekeepers, thus the pastors. The pastors guide the leadership of the country through the right paths and decisions. They scold leaders who engage in acts which endangers the well being of Ghanians, like corruption, embezzlement etc.

In this article, we enlist five popular pastors whose opinions on national matters are held high esteem.

1. Pastor Mensah Otabil.

Pastor Mensah Otabil is the founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC). He is highly recognised for his opinions in matters that interest national development. He is the founder and Vice Chancellor of the prestigious university in Ghana, Central University College.

2. Bishop Agyina-Asare.

Bishop Agyina-Asare is the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, a notable Charismatic ministry in Ghana. He is the founder of precious TV and vice chancellor of Perez University College

He is one of the open Pastors who won't hesitate to break silence with regards to wrongdoings by politicians. His opinion on national issues are never left unnoted.

3. Apostle Eric Kwame Nyantakye

Apostle Eric Nyamekye is the current chairman of The Church Of Pentecost. Being of the most populated Churches in Ghana, Apostle Eric Nyamekye have always been on national issues. His opinions and suggestions are always taken into consideration because it is perceived that what he says, represent millions of the church of Pentecost members.

4. Joseph Eastwood Anaba.

Joseph Eastwood Anaba is the founder of Fountain Gate Chapel. The Bolgatanga based man of God is an author, a pastor and an international preacher. He is highly respected by both Civilians and politicians alike. He had left a mark on his clean records in terms of controversy. This makes his opinions highly considered for national development

5. Dag Heward Mills

Bishop Dag Heward Mills is an internationally recognised Ghanaian pastor, evangelist and author. He is often referred to as the Nation's Bishop. He is the founder of and presiding Bishop of the United Denomination Originating from the Light House Chapel International. He is recognised as the Ghanaian Charismatic Pioneer. He is the founder of Action Chapel International.

His opinion is one of the highly respected when it comes to governance and politics.

There are many powerful Pastors who have contributed so much in the governance of this country. We cannot list them all. You can add them in the comments section below.

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