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Find out what a former member of the Illuminati has to say to the youth especially.

A former devil's agent has revealed some information that every Christian should be aware of. He described how, in his final year at the University of Ghana, he studied oil and gas engineering and received his master's degree in the field.

Things became so difficult for him in his final year that he needed to finish his studies. When he consulted his parents, they were unable to assist him financially.

Typically, he chats with someone on the internet who assists him with money. He was a man just like him before he married a Norwegian woman. They had a child before she left.

She called him every now and then, but she didn't have any money to support him with his schooling. He said that the person who used to help him complained that he couldn't keep sending money to him, and as a result, he had to fend for himself.

He then proceeded to visit the Satanic Temple in Ghana, where he was informed that his initiation would take place in California, USA.

Travel papers were prepared for him, and he flew to Ground Lodge in California for his initiation. He said that after the initiation process, he requested to see the devil and was instructed to write a letter of request to the devil, which he did.

His request was granted within two weeks and in the space of 30 years after he had been admitted to Satan's church he was able to encounter a devil who asked him to make three wishes, adding that his third hope of a long life could not be granted, since churches of Satan members only live.

He also revealed that after entering the Church of Satan, he was given a Satanic Bible, a sword of slaughter, an initiation glove, a suit, and other things. He did, however, clarify that he did not lose his manhood until he entered another party.

In addition to the financial profits of the religion, he was also sent to the task of winning the souls for the Satanic empire. Through doing so he has won for Satan over 20 souls, taking advantage of the richness he has been granted.

After making money he wanted to open a plaza in Ghana for his mother, but she refused, saying that because of her Christ attachment and her view, she saw the source of her riches, the money was a blood. She refused to give him the money. But he was received by his father and his siblings.

However, his trouble began when his life was uncomfortable. He started looking at mighty pastors who could save his life at that stage. Just 49 days were granted to live when his cult learned it was going wrong.

After his lessons have been learned harshly, he advises young people not to conceive what others have while encouraging parents to limit what their children watch on TV sets.

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