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16-years old pretty girl turns her dad's church into a 'cemetery' after giving a powerful testimony

Hilarious, shocking, and disturbing to say the least, here is a beautiful testimony of a 16 years old daughter of a man of God that is making waves online.

According to reports, the daughter of a man of God who could not be healed from pains and bleeding every month decided to seek solutions from a pianist in her father's Church.

Interestingly, men of God claim to have solutions for all problems from Genesis to Revelation and more, as the saying goes nothing is impossible for them to do.

However, as we put all our hopes on them to solve all our problems, there are those in their backyard who prefer solutions elsewhere as they don't believe they have answers to every problem.

Behold, this below is an example of how the testimony of a young teenager confirmed that men of God don't have solutions to all problems.

During the testimony time in church, the 16-year old Pastor's daughter stood up and said...

"Praise the Lord!"

Everybody shouted with joy, "Hallelujah". She continued: "Since the age of 13, I've been experiencing serious pain and bleeding every month and it was unbearable. At times it would last for 3-5 days.

But now, after a series of Bible studies and prayers with brother Solomon in his house, the monthly pains and blood flow have stopped for more than 3 months now. No more pain, no more bleeding. You can see I'm even getting fatter and prettier.

And I'm believing in God to perfect my healing as we have started to pray seriously about the small problem of vomiting, especially in the morning. "Praise the Lord"!

The whole church was silent!

Brother Solomon fainted behind the piano.

The mother was like "akoa yi abo music notes agu me ba yi mu". Ei church instrumentalists? Boi!

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