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Video Of A Pastor Flogging Some Of His Members With Belt Surfaces Online

Strange, confusing, unbelievable, unexpected and even funny incidents have been occurring off late. Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe such issues unless you get some kind of evidence. With the help of smartphones and social media platforms, getting videos or photos that serve as sources of evidence pertaining to certain issues can be really quickly and easily accessible.

There is this video which is going viral on social media. This video I am talking about is one in which a pastor was captured flogging some of his church members for a reason which would leave you in a state of shock and confusion.

The pastor could be seen holding a microphone in one hand and a belt in another hand.

Some of the members who were flogged were made to lie down on the floor, both men and women and mot wearing any footwears. They were also made to bend their heads to face the floor. Looking at the video, they were arranged in line to their gender.

The pastor went round them for some short while and started with the flogging as if a teacher was flogging some stubborn students of his. His reason for whipping these church members of his was that he wanted to know if they are ready for they ministration.

This is really surprising as it hasn't happened before or being heard of that a pastor will flog his church members just to know whether they are ready for the ministration or not.

Kindly click on the link below to watch the video;

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