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Between the first wife and second wife of Tsatsu Tsikata, who is more classy and beautiful? (PHOTOS)

The rationale behind Tsatsu Tsikata, Elder of Asbury Dunwell Church's decision to invite Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Asante to officiate another private marriage ceremony at the Trinity Theological Seminary in Legon, Accra, Ghana on December 18, 2001 is something that is entirely hidden from the public space. 

Since 2001, it appears his second wife has shaken the media and internet, with an excellent display of her corporate adventure, particularly in the area of public relations and communications, sweeping several awards in Ghana and beyond. 

She has undoubtedly shadowed and confused many Ghanaians in a manner that shows as if she is the only and first ever wife of the renowned Ghanaian legal expert. 

Interestingly, Cobbah has boldly declared it on the media that indeed, Mr. Tsikata is his ideal man. 

That's really a great move by her though, and I think that actually depicts the kind of love, unity and solidarity between the two. 

Being with a man who is classified by Ghanaians as a legal legend is a great opportunity to her as a matter of fact. 

From another point of view, other values and qualities of him possibly did the magic, and from all indications, indestructible love is something that manifests in their life all time. 

Even when he was convicted in 2002 for causing financial loss to the state while serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Esther's love and bond with him was seen by Ghanaians in all manners. 

In his acute asthmatic condition at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra too, Cobbah was with him entirely as a lover, wife, companion, friend, family and life partner. 

You would agree with me that if you make a search on the internet regarding who the wife of Mr. Tsikata is, Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah forcefully pops up without hesitation. 

With the exception of those who are a bit inquisitive and curious about the personal life of Tsatsu, quite a number of people hardly know the mother of the award-winning musician, M.anifest.

Most of the websites that capture the biography or life chapters of Mr. Tsikata state that Tsatsu is married to Esther Cobbah, blessed with three children; which is quite confusing to some extent. 

But I think it's a fair deal for those who are not quite familiar with the marriage life of the legal luminary.

But whether it's a controversy, a hoard of information from the public eye or an intentional proverbial nut designed by Tsatsu, it will be comprehensively revealed and resolved subsequently in this article.

The reality is that Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata married someone equally very special before he tied the knot with the top international public relations expert, Esther Cobbah. 

But before we get familiar and personal with this great personality, let's briefly look at the life chapters of the award-winning communications expert and second wife of Mr. Tsikata, Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah.

A strong constellation of values like integrity, professionalism, creativity and prompt service truly define who she is, and all these can be evidently seen in something she really believes in, popularly known as her mantra: "Good reputation is better than material riches".

That sounds very deep, and I think many can attest to the fact that she has manifested those values especially throughout her corporate journey. 

So far, we have not sensed any form of corruption allegations against her. 

And that's a very great achievement for her, frankly speaking. 

Aside her mantra, Esther made another thought-provoking and highly Godly and spiritual statement that I think has shaped the lives of many who have come into contact with it. 

Below is her declaration:

"I feel that practising Biblical principles at work makes business sense also. The Bible is not only a spiritual document; it's also a business guide.

When you work to the standards of the person that created the world, you find that your organization achieves more because your standards are not earthly standards."

That's very inspiring, and I think nothing can stop her from climbing to the greatest height of the global corporate ladder of greatness.

She's all over the world, championing several developmental and corporate programs, projects and activities for many young men and women especially on the African continent. 

Cobbah has since 2001 served as the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm), and has led the organization to win several awards including the 2013 Public Relations Consultancy of the Year Award. 

Personally she has been honoured with the following Awards;

1. 2010 Media Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2. Chartered Institute of Marketing Woman of the Year Award - 2012

3. Outstanding Corporate Woman of the Year Award at the Ghana Women's Awards

4. 2013 Public Relations Personality of the Year Award by the Institute of Public Relations Ghana

5. She was also named among the Top Women in Public Relations in 2016

6. And in 2020, she was listed in the second publication of 100 Most Influential African Women by Avance Media.

Esther Cobbah is a holder of many degrees and certificates including: a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Ghana Legon, in 1981; Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Communication (Public Relations Major) from University of Ghana in 1988; Master of Professional Communications for Development from Cornell University, United States in 1988; One-year Certificate Programme in Women in Development from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in 1990; Certificate Programme in Management of Managers in 1998 from Edwin L. Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, United States as well as a Certificate Programme in Organizational Development from the Organizational Development Practitioner Formation Programme III Centre in 2011. 

Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah is proudly an old student of Ghana's prestigious Wesley Girls' Senior High School, Cape Coast, Ghana.

Below are her adorable and beautiful photos of Esther Amba Numaba Cobbah

Away from her story, let's get personal with the first lovely and beautiful wife of Lawyer Tsikata. 

You remember the renowned Ghanaian musical legend, Professor Nketia?

I'm pretty sure those who are into music, and all time lovers of poweful Ghanaian music may have come across him. 

It's not so surprising that M.anifest has made it so big in the music industry. In reality, he drew a lot of inspiration and experience from his grandfather, Professor Nketia. 

I'm sure you really following, and almost picturing the direction I'm coming from.

Yes, the real mother of M.anifest, Rev. Doctor Priscilla Naana Nketia is the father of the Ghanaian Professor of excellent music.

She interestingly bears two great titles, and in fact, she has over the years thrived excellently in all of them.

Priscilla is an indestructible lover of the Word of God, and even when his husband went in for another woman, her passion for God's work kept growing from Grace to Grace.  

She is well-known for her keen interest in championing the course and work of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), and as an Ordained Reverend Minister of the Church, she has raised, nurtured and groomed several pastors. 

Rev. Doctor Nketia is regarded as the Spiritual Daughter of Dr. Mensah Otabil, and has over the years been the pioneers and foundational members of the church.

She currently pastors one the church's branches at Gbawe in Accra called the Eagles Temple. 

Rev. Doctor Priscilla Naana Nketia is also prominent in the academic environment. 

She is currently a senior lecturer at Central University and as well serves as a teacher at ICGC's Christian and Global Leadership Institute called the Daniel Institute, which aims at giving the requisite training to people who have the zeal and passion for God's work to serve in God's vineyard and spread the Gospel across the world after graduation.  

However, aside M.anifest, Rev. Nketia has another lovely son, but as to whether she had it with Lawyer Tsikata or not is something is totally hidden from the public domain. 

Find below the breathtaking Photos of Rev. Doctor Priscilla Naana Nketia.

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