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The Devil is Trying to Bring You Down if You See These Signs

God's grace sustains us, and God is ever vigilant in his pursuit of our survival. The adversary on the other side is attempting to mislead you by bringing you to your knees in regards to God's message. There are several methods in which the devil might attempt to knock you down. If any of these things happen to you, the devil is likely, to seek to bring you to your knees.

When you don’t pray at all.

If you find yourself not praying, the adversary is attempting to get you to your knees. If the devil tries to lure you into his trap, he will target your prayer life as a point of assault. Prayer is responsible for maintaining the deep bond that exists between man and God. When you begin to notice a lack of interest in prayer, it is a clear indication that the enemy is attempting to devise a plan of attack against you.

You don’t have any interest in the word of God.

It is only by the word, and not through experience, that we can stand firm against the adversary and establish a strong basis for any Christian faith. If you have been a person who has remained steady in the word and you find yourself losing interest, realize that Satan is attempting to bring you to your knees.

You Isolate yourself from other believers.

As a result of our interactions with other Christians, our faith strengthens and we are bolstered in one way or another. If you realize that you have begun to isolate yourself, the Devil is likely attempting to drag you down.

When you are too busy to attend church services.

Some folks are too busy to pray or even attend church services because of their hectic schedules. That is a potentially risky course of action. If you find yourself prioritizing your work before God, you will undoubtedly leave yourself open to the devil's onslaught in the future.

When you don’t even open your Bible to read.

If you find yourself uninterested in reading the Bible, or if you do read it but don't comprehend what you're reading, the devil is attempting to pull you down.

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