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Christians Cry Out Over The Death Of The Rev Father Who Died Of Leukemia

Death as we all know is one price that every living Creature must pay, regardless of how influential, Famous and popular one might be in the Society. Christianity as a Religion has thought us that, there is no one that is immune to death. What this actual means is that, there is a day that is set aside for everyone to walk the path of eternity. That is why it is advisable to always be at peace with your neighbor, amend your ways and be cautious of the type of life you live, because no one can tell the day that death will come knocking on his/her door. Hence the poor and rich dies, Priest and priestess also dies.

There is a trending story that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where the Catholic Congregation has cried out, following the sudden death of the Rev Father who died after suffering Leukemia.

According to the information gathered by a reliable source, the Rev Father whose name was given as "Rev Fr Livinus Esomchi" (OMD), died 3 weeks after his request to be ordained as a Priest was granted by Catholic Pope Francis in Rome.

It was gathered that the deceased had dreams of Becoming a priest and taking care of his flocks, but it is painful that his dreams has been shattered after he was diagnosed with Leukemia (Cancer). He also sort to be treated Abroad, as he later died on Friday 23rd April 2021, after he battled cancer of the blood (Precisely Leukemia) for years.

Furthermore, Finally through Pope Francis approval, "Late Fr Livinus" who hails from Nigeria was ordained on April 1st 2021 on his sick bed, as this was carried out before his completion of priesthood teachings, because that was his wish and it was granted because he was seriously sick.

However, he was said to have been ordained as a Priest for the Roman Catholic Church, under the religious congregation of "order of the mother God", by Auxiliary Bishop of Time with the Approval of Pope Francis.

Sources reported that he was ordained while on his sick bed, as a mark of honor to fulfill his wish of becoming a Catholic priest during his stay here on Earth. Irrespective of the fact that he was not privileged to preach and share his calling with the Christian brethren, "Fr Livinus devotion and dedication to Catholic faith, has made a lot of Christians Cry out in Grief and mourning.

Meanwhile, some missionary centers such as "Valentina Missionaries" have joined other Christians across Africa and Nigeria in sending condolence messages to the bereaved Family.

"We the Valentina Missionaries commiserate with the deceased Family, and the entire Catholic Congregation in Nigeria over the death of "Fr Livinus", and we pray for the peaceful repose of his soul. May his soul rest in Peace Padre".

Below are the comments and Reactions of some Christians, who took to their respective social media accounts to post the story:

May the Gentle Soul of Rev Father Livinus Esomchi" rest in Peace.

Feel free to say a word of Prayer for him, and share this too.

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