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END TIME IS NEAR: See What Pastor Was Caught Doing to Lady in Church That's Causing Public Reaction

A Pastor is supposed to be someone who should look after the affairs of his church members, they should assist them in prayers and be their guiduan in the Lord. Pastors are people who are supposed to lead by example either morally or religiously but in the world of today it's vice versa.

According to a video from our sources the pastor created a culture of caressing a female member of his congregation all in the name of pursuing demons away from her life.

The members of his congregation couldn't get the hearts together when they saw how passionately he got intimate with the lady instead of him to just peck her pray for her.

Pastors of nowadays have now turn into laughing stocks and they are beginning to loose the rest of people because of their ungodly behaviour which looks more of Satan than of the Lord.

People who cannot hide their disgust towards what the pastor did voiced their anger and were completely saddened by what pastors are now turning our women into. They called it a misdeed based on what the pastor did, instead of the pastors to help out members in difficult times they extort them and still exploit their bodies.

Do you think getting intimate with women truly casts out these demons? We are eager to hear from you as well

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