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Why Church Has Become The Center Of Immorality And Prostitution With Pastors Being Leaders(Opinion)

There is concern in several quarters at the rate immorality is making waves in the society; Morality is on its decline and decay and there is gross retrogression on moral ethics in the modern society. 

The Church being a religious institution is to set up examples of high moral standard in the society but however the church is not exempted from the claws and threat of immorality ravaging the modern world.

 This study thus took a critical look at the challenges of immorality in the church and its impacts on the growth of the church with particular reference to Ghanaian pastors bathing naked ladies in church, one Ghanaian bishop slept with a woman on the alter saying he got directive from God, pastor asking theirs members to drink his urine as holy water, one Ghanaian pastor gave two consecutive prophecies that failed, one even did miracle that dollars entered a woman's bag.

The church has become a place where individuals may show off their fashion sense, as seen by the large number of young women who attend church on Sundays wearing short revealing costumes, which is sexual activity. 

A large number of pastors and members of the congregation have been caught up in this, which encourages sinful behaviour such as prostitution within the walls of the church. The following are, in my opinion, the primary causes of people turning to prostitution or other similar activities:

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1. Ladies coming with short outfits

This should be outlawed to the fullest extent possible because the vast majority of visitors are there to attract males, not to pray. There will be prostitution and other people's marriages will be broken and partners will be taken away as a result.

2. Anonymous meetups between church leaders and congregants

It is not uncommon to see folks visiting with the pastors after Sunday services at the church office. In this situation, some women take advantage and expose pastors to the muck since meetings are always held in strict confidence because some attendees claim to want to air their problems privately with the pastor.

3. Immorality of some church leaders

Many pastors have been found having relationships with women, notably married women, which has led to the breakup of many families. My question is what is the major problem of Africa is it religion and why are these evil people hiding under pastor disguise.

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