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Meet The Prophet Who Was Eaten By Lions In Nigeria. (History)

A Prophet in Nigeria was killed by lions in the University of Ibadan Zoo for his reckless action. The name of this Prophet is called Daniel Abodunrin. This Nigerian Prophet was devoured by the lions at the zoo after he entered their cage with a Holy Bible and a robe to replicate the story of "Daniel and the Lions Den" in the old Testament of the Bible.

I have been thinking since I laid hands on this information as to whether it was God who failed this Nigerian Prophet or it was out of his carelessness. Also, I wonder what the Prophet told the zoo keeper before he allowed him to enter the lions cage. This case happened in 1991 in Nigeria at the University of Ibadan Zoo.

Please share your thoughts on how you see the action of this Prophet of God. Was he careless or it was God who failed him?

Source: Africa Archives

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Daniel Abodunrin Lions Den Nigerian Prophet University of Ibadan


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