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We are poor because of Fasting and Prayers only. Read details

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Why is Ghana, a country with abundant resources still struggling to develop?. When you ask some Ghanaians this question, believe me, they will come up with a lot of reasons that can 'wash' away your brains.

Some of them will blame the government for not governing the country well, others will blame it on colonization and others will put it on the citizens living in the country.

Upon all the answers, I was really surprised when someone blamed our hardship and our Third World country on Fasting and prayers.

When I was growing up, I was taught that, Fasting and prayers are one of the biggest activities Christians participate in. This sacred tradition is believed to guard Christians from impure thoughts and deeds.

However, the post I came across today, says otherwise. This particular post, simply proclaimed that Fasting and Prayers only, are one of the major reasons why we are suffering in this country.

In the post the user explains briefly that, Ghanaians only fast and pray without working to develop our science and technology department and that is one of the major reasons why we live in poverty.

I was confused at first, but when I sat down and thought about it I understood the reason why he deemed it fit to leave that comment on the social media platform.

In my opinion, even though fasting are prayers are really good, some Ghanaians tends to neglect our science department.

In this world almost everyone have what they believe in, Americans and European fast and pray too, but they do not neglect science and technology. They mix these two together and invest in both and today they are one of the biggest economy in the world.

My opinion is we should not neglect science and we should not stop fasting too, but we should try our best to mix these two important things together for our own benefit.

Below is the post I came across that will confirm the authenticity of this article

Some people may think is wrong but, that is my opinion. Kindly leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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