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"I am Even More Popular Than Jesus" The Statement That Led to The Beginning Of Disaster For Him

Who's earth's best-known person? Every time you hear that phrase, what exactly comes to your mind? Many sources have stated more than once that Jesus is and is the most well-known person on earth. We've got more people, I bet.

Alexander the Great, Hitler of Germany, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Oprah Wtinfrey and many others are some of the most important names we have in history.

But that man came and went. Recent anonymous source analyzes really shocked me. They said 99.9% of us were totally forgotten 100 years after we died, according to their results. Whether or not it is accurate or wrong, the declaration contains a strong percentage of the facts.

One of the most popular musicians of celebrities to ever live, John Lennon. He is considered to be part of one of the most renowned groups called the Beatles in the 60s and 70s.

The band was so famous and recognised around the world for its astonishing rock music that noone would ever believe that its famous past would come.

One of the band members during an interview had been overcome with pride and said he regretted later, but could not turn this away.

The man argued that most people around the world we're more enthusiastic about the group than Jesus and that Christianity declined so greatly that rock music would be overtaken. The man said the group was "more famous than Jesus."

The declaration ended at the start of their collapse. The declaration brought many reactions from all over the world and especially among Christians who saw the man with a great deal of arrogance.

The next thing will surprise you. Both disc jockeys and radio stations decided that their music should stop playing entirely.

The demonstrations have been in the USA and all their albums, photographs and cassettes have been burned. Some time later, John Lennon, who felt so annoyed by the men's words, was assassinated.

John Lennon never finished happily. Long after his death, there are still many people who remember him but the reputation of Jesus continues to rise every day, though more than 2000 years ago he died. Pay attention to every word that you say because you might be liable.

Did he deserve what happened to him? Please let me hear your own opinion too and don't forget to like and share with others

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