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What Prophet Muhammad Said About Anti-Christ and How Jesus Christ will Defeat Him

Nobody really understands whenever the sky will fall, yet Prophet Muhammad provided us with little and large indicators. He explained Dajjaal (Anti-Christ) on Earth and how Jesus Christ will descend from Heaven and destroy the Anti-Christ in the 10 Major Signs.

He (Jesus Christ) will be a recognized sign of the hour, therefore believe me when I say that he (Jesus Christ) will be a known indication of the hour (Quran 43:61). From one of the Prophet's Hadiths (Imam Muslim), Prophet Muhammad (may God's peace and blessings be upon him) stated that on The day of Conviction can not come unless we see ten major signs, including the smoke, Al-Madi (a Muslim leader), Dajjaal (Anti-Christ), Isa Ibn Mariam (Jesus Christ), Gog and Magog, the Beast, the rising of the sun from the west, and three Earthquakes (one in the West, another in the East and last in the Arabian Peninsula).

According to the Prophet, Anti Christ will be on earth for 40 days, with the first day being like a year, the second day being like a month, the third day being like a week, and the other days being like our regular days. Dajjaal (the anti-Christ) is described as a young man with twisted, constricted hair and a blind eye, according to the Prophet.

He'd show up somewhere between Syria and Iraq, wreaking havoc on the planet. He will invite people to his false religion, and those who accept it will direct the sky, and the rain will fall and make the land flourish, but those who disobey will cause drought in their land, and the people will suffer, until Isa (Jesus Christ) descends from Heaven on a capital wasteland around Damascus, putting his palms on the wings of divine beings.

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