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PK Sarpong Tackles Mannaseh Azure And His Fourth Estate

Popular writer for the ruling NPP, Mannaseh Azure Awuni has tackle Mannaseh Azure and his Fourth Estate website for being selective in stories they treat.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Monday, 23rd May 2022, he wrote;

"When the Bank of Ghana clamped down on ailing and wobbly banks, Capital Bank which was owned by some top echelons of ICGC, Manasseh Azure Awuni and his Fourth Estate treated it like a plague.

Their church’s leaders were mentioned as having misappropriated funds for the operations of the bank but that did not jolt them into action to write copiously about it."

"However, when Dag Heward-Mills’ Light House was said to have failed to pay some pastors their monthly SSNIT contributions, Manasseh and his Fourth Estate ran riots with it. " PK Sarpong added.

He said that in fact, Heward-Mills was marched to the Golgotha and unjustly crucified for reasons which later turned out to be a mass of exaggerations which could not stand the strength of the case presented by the church. 

"Sir John’s Will gets published in the public space and Manasseh and his assigns have clutched it like their very lives depend on it and are carving several narratives out of it. 

It is not about the Will Manasseh and his people have published that is the issue here, and neither is it the angles they have approached it from, but the selectivity with which they treated some serious topics in relation to this raging one." The NPP writer asserted.

Fairness and principles, they were virtues in these journalists, would have informed them to treat every such story with a semblance of fairness. So much for fairness in this field called journalism.

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