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Strong reason why fasting is a sexual booster. The truth unveiled

Fasting is one of the most cherished aspect in our religious life inasmuch as our Christian or Islamic faith is concerned.

Fasting comes with its own significance and its one of the ways to a consolidated Christian lifestyle which act miraculously as a temptation resistance tool in our lifetime

Fasting also strengthens us spiritually and it is in view of this that the holy Bible admonishes us to pray and fast to be able to overcome certain spiritual circumstances.

On the side of the Islamic fraternity, Ramadan, a fasting period is strictly observed from dawn to sunset and it also marks certain beneficial aspect in their lifetime based on the Qur'an teachings.

When embarking on fasting expedition, the intake of food and water or any related substance is discouraged or prohibited.

Whiles we abstain from eating and drinking for some considerable hours, days, pressure on cells is reduced, the blood pressure moves up a bit in a positive way

Blood get the opportunity to flow directly into our genitals and thus causing a major boost to our sexual organs as a result of blood movement in a to and fro manner

Having a good sexual lifestyle is one of the roadmap to a vibrant relationship or marriage since it sparks up a joyous moment among partners

A prolong fasting do the body more harm than good and it becomes imperative for one to go by the normal fasting hours to avoid complicated situations such as developing stomach ulcer.

Though, fasting makes a person weak physically but on their sexual lifestyle there comes with an improved situation.

In the course of doing fasting, there is an improvement in the system as the individual becomes boosted sexually.

Making fasting a habit is something which is good but should be on short time basis but one must know that regular fasting without food and drink improves regular blood flow and an improved sexual drive.

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