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I want to quit going to church since no one can explain these two bible verses to me

Many a times, religious children tend to accept whatever they were taught since infancy and someway somehow once they up and can think for themselves they begin to ask more questions but the canal minded religious leaders silence them up and caution them with fear(hell fire).

Going through my Bible I chanced upon two verses which completely contradict one another which I will like the well spiritually inclined religious scholars to help me understand or better still explain them to our understanding.

In the verse Mathew 24:34 speaks to his disciples and followers telling them that the currency generation in which he made these prophecy to shall not depart(die) before the world shall end or he shall return to take his people to his father’s house in heaven. 

This prophecy has not lived to its expectations and has not being fulfilled in any way as the people who Jesus made these prophecy to are all long gone neither has the world come to an end.

Jesus made this prophecy in the year AD 121 which even makes the prophecy 1900 years overdue with no end seeming possible. In the verses Mark 9:30–32 and also in Matthew 24 Jesus related signs of his return to normal every day man-made conflicts which existed before his birth, still exist and are even likely to happens in the future.

He states that many false prophets shall come in his name and we will continuously hear of wars and rumors of wars and nations will rise against nations and kingdom against kingdoms and there will famines and earthquakes in many places.

Funny enough, many wars were fought by the Israelites years before even Jesus was born, many tribes and kingdom have fought against each other and there are many false prophets who were there even before Jesus Christ which makes this prophecy baseless and lacks backing unless anyone has a better explanation to give.

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